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Who We Are

We Make Your Vision Come True

We want our clients to understand that you are not simply receiving a fixed term service when you engage ALConstructs. We know that every client has individual objectives, and we pride ourselves on working on that basis – there is nothing generic about ALConstructs and our methods of fulfilling your expectations!

We are creating an environment where decades of experience plans and executes the project in partnership, whilst also building business and personal relationships that last.

Professional and Reliable Services

ALConstructs is dedicated to ensuring that quality, cost effective construction and engineering services are within the reach of all. We are seeking to make emerging technology and ideas work for you, and tailor our methodology to your targets. We strive to set the standards for the industry we represent with an uncompromising commitment to attention to detail and client satisfaction.

Our Mission
  • To ensure the highest quality service, and always exceed our client’s expectations.
  • To introduce innovative architectural design and engineering solutions to our clients.
  • To guarantee cost-effective results for our clients.
  • To provide sustainable engineering services which protect the environment.
  • To develop local content in Ghana by employing and training a fully-Ghanaian team throughout our operations.
  • To achieve high standards of occupational health and safety.
Quality & Safety Statement

It is our philosophy that accidents and injuries are preventable, and therefore unacceptable in our operations. In line with this, ALConstructs will integrate the appropriate preventative measures into any project from Day 1, and provide training to our clients or staff wherever necessary. We will ensure our activities have the minimum negative impact on the environment in which we work.

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Our Values

We believe collaboration is at the heart of success, and that by partnering with you we can work together to find the best solutions.

There is always room for improvement in any industry, and our diverse team combines local and international experience to identify what will work for you.

We put our clients at the centre of any project, to ensure that you are appraised of and approve decisions every step of the way.

meet the team


Company Director & President Msc.
Project Management Bsc.
Civil Engineering

Project Management Institute (PMI), Member ID: 4384346
Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhiE), Member ID: 08611
With over 7 years of experience in engineering and project
management, Lawrence’s specialisation cuts across the areas of
design, contract management, project budgeting and cost


Chief Executive Office
BA Modern History

Nick joined the ALConstructs management team in 2016, after spending the previous ten years in Ethiopia and South Africa before settling in Ghana in 2011.
Nick formerly worked in Ghana as the Country Manager for an international NGO. He has extensive experience in high-level organizational management, identifying and building governmental and private sector partnerships, and collaborating with clients from other countries to deliver projects in Ghana.

Corporate Member Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhiE), Member
ID: 07425
George joins ALConstructs with 6 years of experience, specializing
in general reinforced concrete (RC) and steel structural design,
road design and construction supervision, bridge design and
construction supervision, and civil engineering.


Consultant Engineer
Bsc. Civil Engineering

Associate of Ghana Institute of Architects
Joyce brings 5 years of experience to ALConstructs, specializing in
residential and commercial architectural design, post-contract
supervision and quality assurance.


PG Dip. Architecture
Bsc. Design

Quantity Surveyor
Bsc. Civil Engineering

Gilbert has been working in a multi-disciplinary civil engineering
capacity for the past 5 years, mostly in Ghana’s mining sector. He
brings a wealth of site management experience to ALConstructs.


Finance & Accounts
Msc. Financial Management,
Bsc. Accounting

Association of Certified Chartered Accountants
Barry and his accounting firm Smart Trust Accounting Consultancy
(STAC) operate throughout Ghana and have been working with
ALConstructs since 2015. We work with STAC to maintain
accurate accounts, update financial forecasts, and comply with all
appropriate regulations.

5+ Years Experience

ALConstructs Logistics & Solutions Ltd (ALConstructs) was created in early 2017.

Professional Services

Our range of services and products aim at providing you with the best professional services. Our trusted and credible reputation, presence on the ground, and extensive network of expertise and suppliers, positions us perfectly to accommodate your individual needs.

20+ Completed Projects

ALConstructs have engaged in the development of more than 20+ projects.